The Virgin Mary in the Czestochowa Icon is traveling across Slovenia

The meeting at the Mediterranean Sea took place in an old port city Koper, on the north-west shore of the Istria Peninsula.

Next, the Icon had arrived at the capital of Slovenia, - Ljubljana.  Our Blessed Mother spent the night and day with prayers of veneration and children's singing in the beautiful Cathedral of St. Nicholas.  The Provost of the Cathedral, Father Jožef Lap, presided over the Holy Eucharist.  He quoted a statement of the heroic defender of faith in Slovenia, Servant of God Archbishop Anton Vovk, who for his relentless attitude was harassed by the Communist government, persecuted, and even drenched in gasoline and burned in 1952.  He said, "Slovenia can only exist when it will unite around the family and Our Blessed Mother."

Valentina Pikelj, representing the Slovenian Pro-Life Movement, noted during her talk that the modern Christians have to proclaim the truth, regardless of the circumstances.  The truth is being hidden, in order to destroy life.  For example, in the case of abortion or euthanasia there is no mention of the fact that it is murder.  God can heal and forgive every sin and desires to grant everyone a new, authentically happy life, with His help, through His Mother Mary, the Mediatrix of Grace.