Mother of God in the Czestochowa Icon went to the Far East

On June 2, the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa went by car from Moscow to the Far East. The first on the route was Kazakhstan. The Russians have bought a special van produced in Russia, which will cross the entire route from Moscow to Vladivostok through Kazakhstan where the official pilgrimage from the Pacific Ocean will start.

In Kazakhstan, the Mother of God was hosted by the Orthodox Church at the invitation of the Astana and Kazakhstan Metropolitan Alexander. The pilgrimage was in four cities: Astana, Kokczetaw, Petropavlovsk and Pavlodar.

The icon went on her way through the emptiness of Siberia to the Far East. It is not an easy road, because in many places in general there are no asphalt roads. Arrival in Vladivostok of the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa is expected on June11, and in the following days there will be pro-life meetings. From Vladivostok the Mother of God will be accompanied as an escort by Igor Beloborodov and Galina Maslennikova. Departure from Vladivostok in the pilgrimage through the world in defense of life is planned on June 14.