O2O - Preparations in Great Britain are in full gear!

Great Britain will be the first English-speaking country that Our Lady in the Icon of Czestochowa will visit.  For the past several months, the British organization committee for the peregrination has been very active under the direction of Dr. Thomas Ward, the director and founder of the National Association of Catholic Families (NACF).  The British peregrination program (schedule) can be viewed under the "Schedule" link [on the left of the page].  The peregrination of the Icon of Czestochowa across the world in defense of life is called "From Ocean to Ocean."  The British like short and clear expressions and this title is somewhat lengthy.  So, they decided to come up with an acronym, which many like - O2O.  It couldn't have been any shorter!  They have left out the "From."  The "2" is being used to say "to" phonetically, even though the English grammar dictates to spell "2" as "two."  Everyone understands this right away, though.  "O" - stands, of course, for "Ocean."

Along with the new acronym, a new meaning has been created.  The "O" signifies oxygen, and without it, there would be no life.  Our Lady's assistance with the protection of the civilization of life and love is like oxygen - without Her, there would be no life.  Twice [the oxygen] - for the civilization of life and love.  Soon enough, following the example of England and Scotland, all will start using the acronym "O2O."  How do you all like it?