“Fantastic, wonderful”

The peregrination of the icon of our Lady of Czestochova started in Switzerland on the rainy morning of Monday 15. October 2012. We picked up the icon in Triesen, Fürstentum Liechtenstein, in the chapel of St. Mary. Pastor Andreas Fuchs helped us loading the icon into the bus. The sacristan mrs. Bergetze was very worried that everything would come alright and she wouldn’t forget anything to tell us. At 8:45 a.m. the tour through Switzerland started and we arrived in Untervaz in the canton of Grisons on time at 9 a.m..

The icon was welcomed with the ringing of the church’s bells of the church of St. Laurentius. Father William D’Silva and people of Untervaz were very excited. Nobody could really believe that something precious like the icon of Czestochova comes to their village’s church. During four hours we prayed, sang and had a holy mass. Very special has been the singing of the song Black Madonna. It gave me and most others the creeps. One lady loved it so much that she wished we would sing it again. Before we had put the icon back in our bus, we sang the song again. At one o’clock everybody said goodbye to holy Mary. People were deeply grateful.

At 3 p.m. of the same day, the icon was brought to the cathedral of the Assumption in Chur, the capital city of Grisons and the oldest city of Switzerland. Bells rang here as well and the organ was played. Fortunately, it has stopped raining and on the mountains snow was visible. The priest of the cathedral, pastor and dean Harald Eichhorn, has prepared a short meditation and prayers. Until the holy mass at 19 o’clock, people could spend in silence with Virgin Mary. The silence was very nice and the cathedral was a pleasant place for a personal conversation with the Mother of God.

After the holy mass, we brought the icon to Schmitten, Albula, 1300 m. a. s., to my parent’s house, where we spent the night. There has already been a lot of snow on the meadows next to the street. The bus, which was offered by Drusberg Voyages, still had summer tyres on and we prayed that the streets would be free of snow. With Virgin Mary in the back, we had no problem coming home.

Alexandra Wind Human Life International – Switzerland