Second day in Grisons

Thursday morning the icon spent Chur near the cathedral in the chapel where on Wednesdays people can go for Eucharistic adoration. Here the canons and our dear Bishop Mgr Dr. Vitus Huonder could spend some silent time with the mother of God and Jesus.

At 2 p.m. the nuns of the Dominican Monastery in Cazis warmly welcomed the icon with their beautiful singing. They have prepared a very nice program with prayers, songs and silence. The present priest gave us in the beginning and at the end very nice and deep inputs. It was a very nice afternoon.

In the evening and for the night, we drove the icon to Schmitten (Albula) to the church all Saints, not far from Davos, the highest situated city in the Alps. At 18:30 we all prayed the rosary and at 19 o’clock Fr. Stefan from the newly founded monastery in Schmitten celebrated the holy mass.

In this evening, a man’s prayers – originally from Poland – were heard by the Virgin Mary and fulfilled. He had a hard time with his son and didn’t have contact to him anymore. He prayed to holy Mary that he and his son would talk again with each other. When I met the man in the church I could see how deeply moved he was from the visit of the icon. He just held my arm and looked at me and couldn’t say a word. On the following day I heard that his son has called when this man arrived back home from the prayer. Halleluja!

I can say over all, people are very much touched by our beloved mother of God. And in all the churches the icon has been, more people than usual were present.

Alexandra Wind Human Life International – Switzerland