Solothurn, Zürich, Rheinau

Sunday, October 21, on the morning we could be guests in the Bishops Cathedral of the greatest diocese in Switzerland, the Cathedral of St. Ursus in Solothurn of the Diocese of Basel. The Icon of Jasna Gora has been warmly welcomed by the celebrating priest canon Paul Rutz. He read the introduction of our leaflet at the beginning of the Holy Mass. Even in the sermon the Icon and the intention of "Her travel" has been clearly mentioned. After the Holy Mass there has been a notable group of praying people on the Rosary. We prayed the glorious mysteries for a glorious victory. In the cathedral I met three men from Gdansk. They were very happy to meet a piece of home in Switzerland. Also at almost every other place we met Polish persons.

In a very short time, we had to drive to Zurich for the afternoon. Here already a group of people waited for us and especially for the Virgin Mary. It was very nice in the Liebfrauen Church in Zurich. Pastor Josef-Michael Karber couldn’t be with us, but an Indian Bishop celebrated the Holy Mass at four o’clock. Many people stayed after Holy Mass until seven p.m.

From Zurich we went to Rheinau near the German boarder. We even drove a couple of kilometers on German ground. However, the icon still had to visit some places in Switzerland. We wouldn’t let her leave us so easily.

The special thing about Rheinau was that only a few days before the tour of the icon through Switzerland started Sr. M. Paula asked Christoph Keel, secretary of HLI Switzerland, if we could bring the icon to the convent on the island in the Rhine. So, we changed plans. I forgot about a calm evening and the beautiful guest house only 600 meters away from the Lake of Zurich and let the chauffeur drive us to Rheinau.

A couple of hundred meters before the entrance of the convent of the sisters of the „Weggemeinschaft“ sisters and visitors have been waiting for us with candles. They led us the way to the door with their lights. Since it already has been dark, it was a very nice picture. About 30 people have been here to spend the night with our beloved Mother of God. The driver and I had supper and could have a rest for the night.

Alexandra Wind Human Life International – Switzerland