With the Augustine Sisters

In Krakow (Cracow), next to the church at Skalka and the old monastery of the Pauline Fathers, is also an equally old convent of the Sisters of St. Augustine.  This religious order exists in the Krakow area for over 400 years.  The Augustine Sisters specialize particularly in caring for and educating children and youth.  They run preschools, schools, a home for children with special needs, and also organize retreats and days of recollection for the young people whom they catechize.

The Sisters found out that the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa, peregrinating "from Ocean to Ocean" across the world in defense of life, will be visiting the neighboring church of the Pauline Fathers at Skalka.  They desired, therefore, to invite Our Lady into their own convent, even if for a short while.  They managed to have Our Lady visit them, because this time, there was no nightly vigil in the church at Skalka.  Hence, the Icon was transferred with the Pauline Fathers' help to the neighboring convent of the Sisters, where a prayer vigil was kept all night in the intimate setting of the closed convent.