Icon of Jasna Gora in Belarus

In her peregrination in the defense of life, the Czestochowa icon came to Minsk in Belarus.
Currently she is in the Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas of Japan.

Why was this parish was granted the privilege of hosting the Mother of God in the peregrination icon? Her pastor, Father Paul Serdiuk, is very involved in the defense of life. He is a member of the International Committee of Czestochowa Icon pilgrimage "from ocean to ocean."

Czestochowa icon embarked on a pilgrimage to the east

After the ceremony of touching a copy of the Czestochowa icon to the original and blessing the copy, the icon of Our Lady begins to create her own history. On Monday morning, January 30, 2012 the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa, began the journey from Jasna Gora to Moscow, to the east through Minsk, Belarus.

Celebrations at Jasna Góra

Leaders of pro-life movements of 16 European and Asian countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Poland Portugal, UK, and U.S., met on Saturday January 28 at Jasna Gora. The protection of the civilization of life and love in the world was entrusted into the loving hands of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary.

Übergabe des Schutzes der Kultur des Lebens und der Liebe in die Hände der heiligsten Jungfrau Maria.

Oh heilige Jungfrau Maria, Reine Mutter Gottes,
Unbefleckte Jungfrau

In deine Hände legen wir das große Anliegen
der Kultur des Lebens und der Liebe.
Wir leben in einer schwierigen Zeit und erleben
einen massiven globalen Angriff durch die Kultur des Todes.
Sehr viele unschuldige Menschen gehen zugrunde
- die Ungeborenen Kinder, Alte und Kranke.
Die Zahl der Opfer übertrifft inzwischen über 2 Milliarden Menschen.