Life Mobile already on the other side of the Alps

The "altar on wheels," also known as the Life Mobile, was transferred to the Austrian movement on Thursday, September 26th.  Our Blessed Mother remained still in Italy and was being driven around in a minivan during that time.  The Life Mobile was experiencing problems with the breaks, therefore it had been decided that it would be best to cross the Alps during the day and gain some time for the repairs.

A visit in south Tyrol - Italy

From the 25th to the 28th of September, Our Lady in the Czestochowa Icon, visited South Tyrol, a province in northern Italy.  There, the pilgrimage was organized by two pro-life groups, the Italian- and the German-speaking group.  Subsequently, all of the celebrations, prayers and songs were conducted in both languages.

At first, on the way to Croatia, Our Blessed Mother stopped at Treviso, at the the Church of St. John of the Cross.  The solemn Sacrifice of the Holy Mass was celebrated by eight priests.  The faithful remained to venerate the Icon until midnight.

(Y)ES zu Unserer Lieben Frau in Istrien

Am Montag, dem 24. September verließ die Ikone unserer Lieben Frau von Jasna Gora die Kathedrale in Krk und machte sich auf nach Istrien, der größten Halbinsel Kroatiens. Auf der istrischen Seite des  Ucka-Tunnels wurde die Jungfrau Maria von Pfarrer Krzysztof, dem Leiter des Büros für Familienpastoral der Diözese Porec-Pula und von Frau Andelina Greblo begrüßt; mit dabei waren auch einige Mitglieder von aktiven Gebetsgruppen und Familien aus Istrien.


Island of Krk

Together with their bishop mons. Valter Župan, the faithful of the Dioceses of Krk filled the city square Kamplin, adjacent to the cathedral, in order to welcome Our Lady in the Icon of Czestochowa. Following the reception on the square in the long procession the Icon was taken into Krk's cathedral dedicated to the Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary. The Icon was put on a specially arranged table that had a kneeler in front of it. The explanations of the peregrination and the Icon were given to the the faithful and the Rosary was prayed.


The Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa spent the night in the cathedral of Šibenik. During the Sunday morning masses faithful, but also some tourist from the cruising ships, were circling around the Icon. The Holy Mass for children and families was served by rev. Krešimir Mateša, the pastor of the cathedral of st. Jacob. In the homily he reminded that many countries are legalizing euthanasia that is also a grave violation of the right to life.

Along the shores of Dalmatia

After passing through a tunnel in the Velebit mountain chain, the "Life Mobile" carrying Our Lady reached Dalmatia, where She was greeted by the blue waters of the Adriatic.  With a police escort, the Icon arrived at noon in Bibinje, near Zadar.  After an especially heartfelt greeting, the Icon was brought solemnly into the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The pastor, Rev. Emil Blaver, who is responsible for the Family Ministries in the Archdiocese of Zadar, led the prayers.

Prayers for the "Unborn Martyrs" in the Church of the Croatian Martyrs in Udbina

After departing Zagreb, Our Blessed Mother rode through Karlovac. This town is important for Croatian pro-life movemnt becaue there the first Croatian memorial, shaped in the form of the Merciful Jesus, dedicated to the unborn, innocent children has been erected in the local cemetery. Our Lady's journey to Udbina took Her through a region that was the last barrier of Christianity against the attack of the Ottoman Turks. This is the reason why Croatia is called the bulwark of Christianity - "antemurale christianitatis."

At dawn with the Carmelite Sisters

On Saturday, September 22nd, the stars were still shining above Zagreb and it had barely started dawning, when Our Blessed Mother in the Czestochowa Icon was leaving the Marian Shrine in Remete heading towards south.

Just before the car with the trailer get on the highway Dalmatina, a short detour took Her to a very special place in the southern suburbs of the Capital. At the first light of dawn, a special welcome was prepared for Her in the General House of the Croatian Province of the Carmelite Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus.

In the oldest Marian Shrine in Croatia - Remete

On Friday afternoon, September 21st, the faithful in Trnovcica were bidding Our Lady farewell with regret and great emotion.  She was leaving for the Shrine of Our Lady of Remete located in the northern part of Zagreb on the slopes of Mount Sljeme.  It is the oldest Marian shrine in Croatia, founded by the Pauline Emerites in 1288 A.D.  The name "Remete" comes from the Latin word for hermitage - eremus (hermit in Croatian).

All-night prayer vigil with the priests of the Sacred Heart - Zagreb

The all-night vigil program began with the Jasna Gora Bugle Call (Apel Jasnogorski) at 9:00 p.m.  Afterwards, the Glorious Mysteries of the Holy Rosary were recited.

The first day of Our Lady's visit in Croatia ended at midnight with a solemn celebration of the Holy Eucharist, prepared by the Priests of the Sacred Heart to honor the Black Madonna.  At 3:00 a.m., the Luminous Mysteries of the Holy Rosary were recited.  The vigil continued through the night into the morning, on Friday, September 21st.