2nd March 2013 – Arrival of the Icon in Portugal (the exact place will depend on where Spain is ending the peregrination).

Possibly it will come to Fatima on this same day so that on March 3, the Icon is welcomed at the Byzantine chapel of our Fatima Apostolate, where the community of emigrant people from Eastern countries will venerate and pray before the Icon.  

During this first week (3 -8 march) it will stay in Fatima hosted by religious communities and the Fatima parish. Not in the Fatima Shrine!

9-10 march: Icon is transferred to the Marian Shrine of Our Lady of NAZARÉ, on the Atlantic Ocean. It will mark the official arrival on this side of the Ocean”.

11-17 - The Icon will go to LISBON and surrounding places for various visitations.

18-24 – Visitation FARO in the Diocese of Algarve (South Portugal)

25-30 – Visitation Diocese of OPORTO  and BRAGA (North Portugal)

31 March – Easter Sunday (to be decided where the Icon will be)

1-5 April – Visitation Diocese of VISEU and COIMBRA.  

7 April: Divine Mercy Sunday -  Solemn celebrations at the FATIMA SHRINE with the Icon.